Rent Your Land to FGEC for Ground-Mounted Solar PV Installation

Would you like to:

  • receive an RPI index-linked quarterly rental payment for some of your land for a period of 20 to 40 years?
  • reduce the carbon footprint of your business?
  • improve the biodiversity of the land and, potentially, receive additional income from these supplementary activities?
  • help an electricity-consuming, commercial neighbour to make savings on its electricity bills?

If so, then we have a simple proposal which will enable you to achieve all of these objectives. The only requirements are that you own at least 5 acres of unshaded, flat (or gently sloping in a southerly direction) land  to enable us to install one of our ground-mounted solar PV systems and that there is a nearby commercial electricity user which would be interested in using the PV electricity generated to make savings on its daytime electricity costs.

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