Commercial Roof-Mounted Solar PV Installations

Free Green Energy Solar PV Offer (Power Purchase Agreement or PPA)

Would you like to:

  • reduce the carbon footprint of your business?
  • make immediate savings (typically 20% in the first year) on your electricity bills?
  • secure savings now which are expected to increase significantly (typically to 70% after 20 years) over time?
  • save your capital for investment in your business and avoid committing any of your own capital to achieving these improvements?

If so, then we have a simple proposal which will enable you to achieve all of these objectives. The only requirement is that you have air space available above the roofs of your business premises to enable us to install one of our solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Free Green Energy Solar PV Offer – With the necessary permissions in place, we will install solar PV systems on suitable roofs at no capital charge regardless of whether you are the freeholder of the building(s) or the tenant.

Potential Benefits to your business – The typical electricity cost saving is based upon an initial discount of up to 20% on the price you currently pay with our commitment to limit future annual increases in our electricity tariff to RPI (i.e. general inflation) rather than the higher electricity price inflation.

As you probably know, the Monetary Policy Committee has had a medium term target for CPI of 2% per annum (although this could change) and RPI has been on average 0.75% p.a. above CPI  during the period 1993 – 2013 (Source: UK Office for National Statistics). Consequently, a reasonable medium term forecast for RPI which caps the rate of increase in our supply to you, is 2.75% p.a. 

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)'s published energy price statistics, UK electricity price inflation has been approximately 8% per annum on average for commercial organisations since 2005. If this trend were to continue throughout the duration (20 – 40 years) of our proposed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), then, for each 330 square metres (which could accommodate a 50 kWpeak PV system generating up to 50,000 kWh per annum in southern England) of suitable, available roof space, the estimated total saving on your electricity bill could be up to £125,000 in nominal terms with an associated carbon footprint saving of up to 500 tonnes of CO2 per 330 square metres if the PPA were to have a duration of 20 years.

The solar panels we use are expected to have a useful life of up to 40 years. If the PPA were to have a duration of 40 years, then the forecast electricity cost and carbon footprint savings for your business could be up to £925,000 and 950 tonnes of CO2 respectively for each 330 square metres of roof space.

Our minimum requirements for roof-mounted PV installations are at least 330 square metres of suitable roof space (unshaded and flat or facing south of the east-west line, if pitched) and an on site daytime electricity usage of at least 75,000 kWh per annum.

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